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Programs and Courses

Features of Stevenson-Britannia

Stevenson Elementary School is a K to 5 school that promotes quality student work and the development of positive social/emotional attitudes and behaviours. We are committed to literacy, mathematics, science, technology, personal development and teamwork skills.

Program components at Stevenson School include

  • A safe, responsible, and caring learning environment    
  • An early intervention program at the kindergarten level, focussing on remediation of speech and language difficulties for high needs students and their families        
  • Literacy initiatives including Read-At-Home programs    
  • Technology integrated into subjects in all grades, including access to the Internet from all classes    
  • Resource and Counselling programs to support a wide variety of individual student needs         
  • A Student Leadership Program    
  • A wide variety of extra-curricular activities including sports teams    
  • A Homework Policy       
  • An active parent council and many parent volunteers     

Special Emphasis at Stevenson School

Each year we encounter changing needs, updated material and new challenges as we re-asses our school and programs. In order to meet these challenges and complement the St. James-Assiniboia Division thrusts, additional emphasis will be placed on the following:

  • full-time kindergarten program  
  • promoting literacy across the curriculum        
  • an early intervention program at the grade one level, Reading Recovery, focussing on the development of literacy skills in grade one "at risk" students         
  • an early intervention program at the grade one and two level, Math Intervention, focussing on the development of mathematical skills in grade two "at risk" students    
  • integration of special needs students in regular classes        
  • continued use of a variety of effective instruction strategies to further enhance the quality of instruction    
  • using a variety of assessment methods for tracking and recording students' progress, including early detection of reading difficulties for grade 1 students     
  • continue to promote high academic achievement for all students through the school homework policy       
  • focus on positive student behavior, emphasizing personal management     
  • continue to teach students various strategies for self discipline, problem solving and decision making  
  • continued use of computers to enhance student learning  
  • provide opportunities for students to develop leadership skills         
  • continuation of an active parent volunteer program      

Conflict Managers

Stevenson School has a Conflict Managers Program to help resolve minor disputes on the playground. Students chosen for this program are in Gr. 4-5 and are trained in conflict resolution skills. These students make a valuable contribution to Stevenson School.


The library is an extension to the classroom. Recreational and research material is available in both print and non-print formats ranging from books, magazines, films, filmstrips, audio and video cassettes, CD's and the electronic encyclopedia. Students are taught in Library classes how to access information. Students are scheduled in the library at least once per school cycle. During this period they are introduced to new resources and can sign out materials. Students are expected to return their materials promptly on the due date. Books cannot be signed out if there are overdues at home. Should a book be lost, students will be issued a bill to cover the cost. Until such time as the book is paid for, students will not be able to take books out of the library.

Student Leadership

A student leadership program is offered at Stevenson. To develop and practice leadership skills, students are involved in leadership roles in a variety of programs at the school.

 Last Modified: 23 April,2017